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She did stop and make a wish at the fountain first, though. I think it was, "I wish I would remember to get dressed next time."

Accidental nudity:

It was really funny. The stereo was playing, and she was dancing up a storm. Pretty soon, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan came over, and they were dancing with each other, but then Obi-Wan noticed the naked lady.

Brat: I install Unleashed, and Bob and Willa Sims buy cats.

And there are mice! In the middle of the night, I saw half a dozen little white mice running around in a circle in the bedroom. The little Pyewacket Sim chased them, and actually caught one. Yikes. Apparently the animals have different "career" ladders than the humans, and "hunting" is something they work on.

The fun parts or, Bob and Willa's Glass House

The last time I wrote about the Sims, someone wrote and asked me how I got such great houses. The answer is, I cheat.

Apart from the quacking

I built the pond last night, and then I was playing in some other part of the house, and I heard quacking. I clicked over to the pond, and there was a pair of mallards happily splashing in the water! I ran upstairs and told Bob, "I built a pond, and ducks came!!" He asked me if I built the ducks, too, and I didn't; it must be one of those "if you build it, they will come" things.

Magic Fingers (Valentine's Day)

Yes, it's true. Qui-Gon came back, Obi-Wan wooed him with conversation and dinner and flowers, and they fell in love on the lawn.

Nothing but gnomes: Qui-Gon discovers a new hobby

All he seems to be able to make are these weird little painted gnomes. They're nice gnomes, and as time goes on, he makes them faster and better, but still, nothing but gnomes. The workroom was getting a little overcrowded, in fact, with gnomes.

Mourning Chin: A beloved family servant passes over

They also had an ethic stereotype houseboy--Chin--but only for a day. It was completely my fault--I forgot to buy a smoke detector, and he was cooking a meal on the first day, and went up in flames. Obi-Wan called the fire department, but by the time they got there, it was too late, and all that was left of him was a little pile of ash and a pewter urn.

Quiet day, with time travel

I downloaded a whole bunch of furniture, some cool windows, new wallpaper and floor patterns, an angel, and the Beatles.

Zen Angst or, Tragedy in the Monastery

I kept telling them to go fix meals, but they'd walk up to the refrigerator, then turn away, shaking their heads. I couldn't figure out what was wrong. I mean, sure, they were monks, but even monks have to eat.

It's a Sims Christmas: Featuring Zombie Qui-Gon

I haven't been quite as interested since Qui-Gon became a zombie. I admit I've actually tried to get one of them--I don't really care which one, although I suppose it would make sense if it were Qui-Gon--abducted by aliens.

New arrival: Obi-Wan and Zombie Qui-Gon have a baby

Being turned into a zombie doesn't seem to have affected Qui-Gon much, if at all. He still needs to eat, shower, and go to the bathroom, and he still gets up and goes to work. He's lost all his personality, though, and has a smaller range of actions available. For instance, if I normally could click on him and see "Talk," "Joke," "Entertain," "Hug," "Dance," "Give Backrub," now I might see a series like "Tease," "Insult," and, strangely, "Dance."

Tragedy Strikes:

The next day, while he [Obi-Wan] was at work, Zombie-Qui came home from work early and tore out all the tulips and daffodils and replaced them with Tears of the Clown and Albino Poppies.

Later, he refused to cook and ordered a pizza. It will be interesting to see what develops. I fear Christmas may not be the usual happy event this year.

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